Friday, January 16, 2009

Snot Rockets

Lastnight, I was summoned to use what I can only describe as my specialized parental skillset. My four year old son, Jack decided that the best place for a smallish wad of unused play-doh was in his right nostril, way up his right nostril. His father attempted an unsuccessful clay extraction, fruitless.

"Mom", Jack came over and almost whispered, "I still have play-doh up my nose.." The look on his face was a sad mixture of embarassment and concern. I harkened back to my darkest years, pre-adolescence, it was our only real option. "Ok, buddy...the best thing to do is put your finger on the other side of your nose and blow like you have never blown before."

He gave me an unsure, but desperate look, a look that pretty much said, "My options are limited."

In a mere moment, I held in my hand, an orange, pea-sized hunk of play-doh, bathed in a copius amount of mucus. Sweet success!

Ah, motherhood.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Adorable and Crusty Faces

I always swore that I would not be the mother who; let her kids have too much sugar, watch too much tv, walk around with dried boogers on their faces...
Well, right now my kids are watching "Space Chimps" (a new favorite), eating cookies, and Liam looks like he has just been slimed...(a la Ghostbusters.)

I feel like I can't keep up, my house appears to have been ransacked overnight by some rogue elves, probably just out after serving time..(grand-theft reindeer?)

Holy cats, I am outnumbered, underprepared, and overwhelmed. I had no idea how challenging raising a family would be.

But, I wouldn't change a thing.